Sunday, October 10, 2010

Q&A: Whole Wheat Vs. Rye or Sourdough

This week, I received the following question from FOODPICKER.ORG:
"My husband has diabetes and we always eat whole wheat bread but wanted something different for a change. Is rye bread or sourdough bread as good of an option as whole wheat?"
-Sheila T.
Whole wheat bread is the "golden standard" of healthy breads for one reason: it contains more fiber.

Fiber in foods delays gastric emptying and speeds up intestinal transit time (translation: keeps you fuller longer and helps keep you "going" regularly).

Fiber is found in the bran of the grain. Processing often removes this bran (i.e, removing fiber). This is the reason the words "whole grain" usually denote a healthier choice.

In general, sourdough bread is lower in fiber than whole wheat bread, while rye bread is often the same or higher in fiber.

When in doubt, check the Nutrition Facts label.

Keep in mind that despite the fiber content, carbohydrate content across breads will be similar. For a person with diabetes, 15 g carbohydrate is usually equivalent to 1 carbohydrate serving and approximately 1 slice of bread.

Go do a few label comparisons and enjoy those sandwiches, Sheila.

Peace, Love, and Veggies,

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