Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Eat Like You Give a Damn

Warning: this post is going to contain the word damn.

Hello everyone! Today's post is dedicated to two of my favorite healthy feasting mantras.

The first: "Eat like you give a damn."

I first heard this from a fellow weight loss coach back in the day, and thought it was fantastic. I don't believe in being pushy with personal food choices (vegetarian vs. carnivore, dairy vs. almond/soy, etc.), but I do believe that each person has the power to eat the foods that make them feel GOOD!

That being said, this shirt from Moos Shoes is on my christmas list. (Hint...hint)

So sassy. So great.

The second phrase of the day: "You are what you eat."

I know this phrase is anything but original. We've heard it a million times...our desperate mothers trying to convince us we would BECOME a pickle if we stuffed one more baby dill into our mouths.

However, it's pretty powerful to stop and think about how true this statement is. The food that we eat gets broken down into the cells that literally become our body. If we eat healthy, vibrant foods, we are literally transforming that positive energy into our own bodies.

What's even more great about this is that our cells are constantly turning over! Thirty years from now, we will consist of entirely new cells than those that make up our bodies right now. This means that it is never too late. No matter what your history with nutrition is, you can start building yourself up right now, cell by cell!

Sometimes if I am eating an especially bright piece of fruit, I can't help but to think of what part of myself is going to receive all that radiance! Maybe the red from that honeycrisp apple is going to show up on my cheeks, or maybe all that healthy fat in my avocado is going to make my hair glisten. Of course, it's not all as simple as that, but then again...

it kind of is.

Peace, Love, and Veggies,

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  1. Ms. Bee - Just found this amazing blog - and I can't stop reading. . . Now, if it could just make me stop eating, or at least eating healthier. Thanks Ms. Brittany, Looking forward to more of your educational "rants". So much info. I don't know where to begin? I know it's going to help though so keep up the great work.